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2016 UK-ACG Conference

The third UK Assessment Centre Conference took place on the 12th & 13th May 2016.


The theme for the 2016 conference related to how global, cultural and diversity challenges impact assessment centres. There is little doubt that assessment centre practice is becoming increasingly global and we were delighted to reflect this in our conference this year, with five of our 12 sessions covering AC activities in Egypt, Kenya, Turkey, the Middle East and the US. It was therefore no surprise that the themes of diversity and cultural differences featured in at least half of the sessions.

Please click on each presentation link to download the relevant slides.


Click here to download the programme


Thursday 12th May, 2016

Welcome and opening address by Charlie Eyre, Workspheres. Ltd.

Keynote 1:

Graduate recruitment: Driving innovation and diversity in the assessment world.


Breakout Session 1a:

Jo Parkes, IBM.  Round table discussion on Exercise Effect at Assessment Centres with specific focus on Group Exercises.

Breakout Session 1b:

Howard Clemence, College of Policing. The Validity & Diversity of Police Recruit Assessment Centres

Breakout Session 2a:

Crispin Garden-Webster, Oman Oil Company.  “We shall test them”…Assessment centres in different cultural contexts. 

Breakout Session 2b:

Helen Baron, Independent.  Eight recommendations that could improve your practice.



Friday 13th May, 2016

Keynote 2:

Brian Hoffman, University of Georgia.  Assessment Centers are deficient predictors of effective leadership.


Breakout Session 3a:

Tracy McNeill, a&dc and Eileen Brown, Northern Gas Networks.  Talent Centres: Speaking the right language to engage stakeholders and align to organisational culture.

Breakout Session 3b:

Helen Slimmon, The College of Policing.  Using Assessment Centres for the Selection of Senior Leaders in the National Police Service Kenya.

Breakout Session 4a:

Max Choi, Quest Partnership and Nigel Evans, Nigel Evans Consulting. The Assessment Centre Standard: Practical Recommendations on Getting the Effort Right.


Breakout Session 4b:

Dr Nadia El Shafei & Dr Nahla Radwan, R&S Management Consultancy.  Demonstrating the profitability of assessment centers in the MENA region.


Keynote 3:

Simon Mitchell, DDI. Leadership in a globalised world: Keeping up with the accelerating pace of change


Breakout session 5a:

Sean Keeley & Matthew O’Sullivan, IBM. A Review of AC Decision Making (Wash Up) Options; Striving for Fairness.

Breakout session 5b:

Eren Suna, Assessment Systems.  Fairness of Adapted Assessment Centre Exercises: A Case Study from Turkey.

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