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2013 UK-ACG Conference



The first UK Assessment Centre Conference took place on the 25th & 26th November 2013 at Selsdon Park Hotel and Golf Club in Croydon, UK.


The event had three key aims:


  • To provide a forum for delegates to share best practice and experience with others working in this area

  • To raise the profile of Assessment Centres in the UK

  • To promote best practice standards for Assessment Centres within the UK and around the globe


Around 75 delegates attended with many having travelled from different corners of the globe to hear speakers such as world renowned Professor George C. Thornton III, Charles Woodruffe, our very own behavioural assessment guru, a&dc’s CEO, Nigel Povah, and no less than fifteen other speakers!


Topics included diversity, fairness, feedback delivery, assessment centre exercises, construct validity, quantity of exercises and dimensions, the role of assessment and development centres within the talent management agenda, global talent and global leadership, best practice standards and the need for a ‘UK AC User Group.’


The conference also saw George C. Thornton III being presented with a ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ in recognition of his significant contribution for over 40 years to the field of Assessment Centre practice.


Please click on each presentation link to download the relevant slides.


Monday, November 4th, 2013


Welcome and opening address by Nigel Povah and Pip Clarke


Keynote 1:

Charles Woodruffe “Fair enough: Suggestions for ensuring a valid and equitable centre”

Breakout Session 1:

Yasin Rofcanin & Levent Sevinc “Are we missing a trick? Feedback delivery mechanisms and promotion decisions in Assessment Centers: a multi-source and two-wave investigation”

Kay Lucker “Fit for Purpose? Considerations when using ‘Off-the-shelf’ versus ‘Customised’ Simulation Exercises”

Max Choi & Richard Ogden “Realising the Talent Management agenda: A&DCs as part of a wider process”

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013


Welcome and opening address by Nigel Povah and Pip Clarke


Keynote 2: 

George C. Thornton III “The Assessment Centre Construct Validity Debate: Implications for Assessment Centre Design”

Breakout Session 2:

Philip Wilson “Positive action and other strategies for improving diversity at assessment centres”

Duncan Jackson and Yongjae Kim “How many are really enough? Determining an appropriate number of Exercises and Dimensions using Decision Studies”

Clare Reyersbach & Susanne Hoffmann “Using Assessment Centre methodology to align global talent with critical career paths to meet business requirements”

Keynote 3:

Helen Baron, Dave Bartram & Max Choi “Standards of Practice for Assessment and Development Centres”

Breakout Session 3:

Dan Hughes “Evidence-Based Practices in Assessments Centres: Strengths, Concerns and Challenges from a Global Survey”

Charlie Eyre “Turning the Tables – A Case Study of the ISO10667 Certification Process”

Jason Steinert & Amir Morshed “‘A Day in the Life of a General Manager’: A Case Study of Assessment Center Use in a Global Leadership Program”

Keynote 4:

Nigel Povah “Do we need a UK AC User Group?”

Summary by Nigel Povah and conference close by Pip Clarke


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