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2017 UK-ACG Conference

The fourth UK Assessment Centre Conference took place on the 24th & 25th May 2017.

The theme for the 2017 conference related to advances in evidence-based practice, and an exciting number of session focused on the use of technology within assessment centres.  Thank you again to all of our presenters and attendees.

Please click on each presentation link to download the relevant slides.

Click here to download the programme

Wednesday 24th May, 2017

Keynote 1:

Rob Briner, Queen Mary University of London.  Evidence-based practice in the world of assessment centres

Breakout Session 1a:

Fleur Scott and Martin Adams, Propel.  Mind the gap: Diversity and inclusivity implications for evidence based assessment

Breakout Session 1b:

Amanda Potter, Zircon.  Why traditional assessment centres are a thing of the past

Breakout Session 2a:

Angie Smith, MBA Roleplay.  The ultimate evidence: Observed roleplay in assessment

Breakout Session 2b:

Katy Welsh, a&dc.  Automation in development centres: A case study from the
publishing industry

Thursday 25th May, 2017

Keynote 2:

Sandra Schlebusch, Lemasa.  Achieving the balancing act: Designing and delivering centres to satisfy various stakeholders

Breakout Session 3a:

Kathryn Lewis, a&dc.  Assessing for development using virtual technology: A
global case study

Breakout Session 3b:

Max Choi, Quest Partnership and Helen Baron and T K Wu.  Evidence based ACs: The earth is not flat!

Breakout Session 4a:

Martin Lanik, Pinsight.  Future of assessment centers: Two disruptive, evidence based technologies changing the practice

Breakout Session 4b:

Liza Brothers, Land Securities & Ross McGarrigle, a&dc.  Analysing assessment centre data: A case study from the commercial property sector

Keynote 3:

Nicky Garcea, CAPP.  Authentic assessment

Breakout session 5a:

Martin Adams, Propel, Robert Newry, Arctic Shores & Philippa Riley, a&dc. 

Panel discussion: Gamification and evidence-based assessment

Breakout session 5b:

Jenny Kodz, & Isla Campbell, College of Policing; 

Laura Litvine & Ariella Kristal, Behavioural Insights Team.  

Tackling barriers to recruiting and selecting a diverse workforce to policing: An evidence based approach

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